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  • Бортовой: RA-26056
  • Статус: лизинг
  • Оператор: КрасАвиа (Эвенкия)

2008 - конвертация в Ан-26Б-100
Комментарии к фотографии
andre (фото)

| 2015-01-29 23:54 | 197616

very nice picture of the KrasAvia An-26. In the beginning of June I will be in Russia to have a couple of flights in Russian classic Airliners. I am thinking about the Tu-134/154 but also the AN-26 which I have never flown before. What do you suggest about KrasAvia. What domextic flights do they offer with the AN-26. I am thinking about a daytrip and maybe in combination with the Let-410. I hope you can help me. Regards and greetings from The Netherlands, Andre

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Родион Кузнецов (фото)

| 2015-03-07 06:20 | 200539

Dear Andre, I do not have all the information on KrasAvia, since I live in another city. You can see the schedule of regional flights from Krasnoyarsk on http://www.cheremshanka.ru/page9/. If you have a problem with the translation I can help you. Email me hopper_5(@)mail.ru

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